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Quarter Horses came to Australia in 1954, from the USA, when the famous King Ranch of Texas imported a number of the breed to work on its land holdings in this country. Many other people quickly became aware of the wonderful attributes of the breed with subsequent importations leading to the formation of the Australian Quarter Horse Association in 1964.

From that time onwards, the Australian Quarter Horse Association has forged ahead and now numbers over 5,000 memberships and over 100,000 registered Australian Quarter Horses making the Australian Quarter Horse Assoication the third largest breed registry in Australia.

Australian Quarter Horses regularly accompany enthusiastic riders into competition around the country every weekend. They compete in all forms of horse sports from pony club through campdrafting to western performance. Australians of all ages enjoy the thrill of being mounted in partnership on an Australian Quarter Horse.

There are 270 associations holding competitions that are eligible for recognition with the Australian Quarter Horse Association, and each year the Australian Quarter Horse Association presents the Australian Quarter Horse National Championships in Tammworth, NSW - a competition incorporating every type of event in which the breed excels.


Breed Information

The Quarter Horse has had a significant influence on the face of Australia's horse industry. It has brought a whole new range of performance events to this country such as Western Pleasure, Cutting, Reining and Working Cowhorse, which continue to skyrocket in popularity: while the Quarter Horse temperament and versatility has increased his acceptance among the more traditional fields such as Hacking, Dressage, Jumping, Polo, Polocrosse and Campdrafting.

The Quarter Horse has an athletic ability that stems from his solid bone structure and muscular development, while his easy-going nature makes him an ideal horse to train to very high standards. The Australian Quarter Horse is renowned for his fast turn of speed and ability to stop and spin at breathtaking pace. The Australian Quarter Horse is strong, willing and surefooted, but his ice-cold temperament means he remains quiet until he explodes into action at his rider's command. All of these attributes are important in the performance events, and the slightest slip or sign of nervous disposition can be the difference between winning and placing down in the field.

For all his ability in speed events, his unflappable character coupled with his conformation, intelligence and athletic ability makes him shine in the Hack, Dressage, Pony Club, Three Day Eventing or Show Jumping Ring.


The Australian Quarter Horse is the "Master of all Trades" when it comes to the show and performance world. He is a horse that will catch your eye and make you look at him more than once.

The kind nature of the Australian Quarter Horse is evident to the "once a month" horse person who does not have the time to enjoy horseriding as often as he or she would like. You can enjoy trouble free riding whether you ride him every day or just now and again.


"The Australian Quarter Horse" - his use is restricted only by the imagination and ability of his owner.


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